A mole of bytes

Graph showing orders of magnitude. Data follows in blog post.

All values in bits:

Library of Congress 8.00E+17
Every phone call in the USA for a year 2.18E+19
Google data warehouse estimate 2013 1.20E+20
1 Joule at 300 K 3.50E+20
1 gram of DNA 3.40E+21
Total global digital data in May 2009 4.70E+21
total hard drive capacity sold in 2016 4.80E+21
Maximum file size in Unix File System 7.55579E+22
1 Joule at 1 K 1.00E+23
1 mole of graphite at 25 °C 6.00E+23
1 mole of bits 6.02E+23
1 mole of bytes 4.81771E+24
1 mole of liquid water at 25 °C 7.30E+24

Source: mostly https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orders_of_magnitude_(data)

Every phone call in the USA for a year: estimate from Brewster Kahle, June 12, 2013, done to check feasibility of news reports of NSA surveillance.

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