Why do some people hate masks?

A bit over two weeks ago, I wrote the following on a nerd forum:

I wear masks outside, because sometimes I encounter a bus stop where the entire volume of the bus exits exactly where and when I happen to be walking.

Also, a mask, like wearing trousers, is a trivial cost.

I still will wear one after being vaccinated, because I expect the effects to be multipliers: 80% protection from a vaccine and 90% from a mask is 1-(1-0.8)(1-0.9) = 98% protection.

Gaining me net +4 karma.

Somehow, someone took such offence at this that rather than reply in that forum, they went to this blog, and posted three insults obliquely referencing the words "trivial cost" while spewing poorly-aimed keyboard-bile.

Why, for the love of sapience, does a small additional piece of clothing cause so much hate? Because it's not just random blogger and random commenter — non-compliance with basic safety measures like this was an issue with the Spanish Flu a hundred years ago, and an issue with trying to contain HIV forty years ago.

I can understand being sad about it, but hate? Even nudists know about PPE like towels and shoes.

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