Not a Singularity but an Event Horizon

I was never a fan of the term "Singularity" for the AI thing. When mathematical singularities pop up in physics, it's usually a sign the physics is missing something.

Instead, I like to think of the AI "event horizon", the point in the future — always ahead, yet getting ever closer — beyond which you can no longer predict what happens next.

Obviously that will depend on how much attention you pay to the developments in the field (and I've seen software developers surprised by Google Translate having an AR mode a decade after the tech was first demonstrated), but there is an upper limit even for people who obsessively consume all public information about a topic: if you're reading about it when you go to sleep, will you be surprised when you wake up by all the overnight developments?

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Eat, drink, and make merry. You never know when the grim paperclip will come.

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