Spendable votes

The problem

Democracies come in many forms, but all have at least one of these problems:

The idea

  1. At any given election, all voters are given some number of votes, and each is free to distribute their votes as desired amongst all the candidates.
  2. Each standing politician has their votes totalled up, and added to a ledger.
  3. All standing politicians are then entitled to participate in parliament/congress/etc.
  4. When legislation etc. is voted on, each politician may spend the votes they received. This spending is recorded on the ledger, and reduces the available for subsequent votes.
  5. When some threshold for unspent votes is met, new elections are called.

I've not developed this into a detailed proposal; every point on that list has multiple options for how it could be implemented, and the whole idea needs to be carefully analysed for Nash game failures.

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